Aye Write: Ruaraidh G MacIlleathain – Cha Till Mise

27 May 2023 7:45 pm

Join Ruaraidh G. MacIlleathain (Roddy Maclean) at Aye Write book festival where he will talking about his book Cha Till Mise (‘I will not return’), a splendidly researched and grippingly presented history in Gaelic of the Arctic Convoys of 1941–45.

Ruaraidh G. MacIlleathain has gathered material to give a detailed and illuminating analysis of the Russian Convoys. He tells of the commodores who came out of retirement, risking their lives to navigate convoys to Murmansk and Archangel; the doctors who diced with death, jumping from one ship to another in rough seas to administer crucial medical aid; the astonishing behaviour of Adolf Hitler belittling his Kriegsmarine admirals and captains, making them reticent to engage with the Royal Navy in December 1942; the rescue ships which pulled freezing survivors from the ice-cold Arctic waters. Cha Till Mise shares the story of those who, despite their fears, sailed in these convoys.

This will be a bilingual event presented in both Gaelic and English.

Tickets cost £6.72.