Coille nan Leabhraichean

Posted on 12 November 2021 in Latest News

Why are we supporting Trees for Life?

The publishing industry has an impact on the environment. From paper and ink to transport and electricity, every step from concept to publication uses up resources, and we should be mindful of the harm that we could be doing. To mitigate the impact of our work on the environment, we have established the Book Grove, where Trees for Life will plant a tree for each book published with financial support from the Gaelic Books Council.

We started in June 2021 with 22 trees, to represent the 22 books published in 2020-21, and every year we will plant more. You can also plant trees in our grove by visiting Trees for Life. It only costs £6. Every penny will go directly to Trees for Life, not to the Gaelic Books Council, but if you would also like to make a charitable donation to the Gaelic Books Council itself you can do that through our Support Us page.

Thank you for helping Comhairle nan Leabhraichean and Trees for Life.