Fàilte: A Colouring Book of Scottish Gaelic Phrases and Proverbs


A Gaelic colouring book with 30 illustrations to colour!

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ISBN: 9781988747880

Publisher: Bradan Press

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Bradan Press, 2021. 64 pages. Paperback.

Fàilte—welcome to the world of Scottish Gaelic language and culture! This colouring book offers a wealth of Gaelic phrases and traditional proverbs, intricately decorated with flowers, foliage, birds, beasts, and more, and ready to colour. Each page features a design printed on one side only, so coloured pages can be cut out and framed. Suggested for teens and adults due to the intricacy of the designs.

Includes 30 black-and-white drawings for colouring.

Gayle Weatherson - Born, raised, and educated in Montana, Gayle worked as an art teacher in Oregon. Now retired and living in Washington state, she enjoys drawing and making jewelry. She began her study of Gaelic in 2010 and discovered an enriching journey, full of music, stories, and wonderful people. She has studied with teachers from Nova Scotia, Scotland and the USA.


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