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  • A Novena to St Columba

    Fr. Ross SJ Crichton

    This Novena and Litany were composed to mark the 1500th anniversary of Saint Columba’s birth.


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  • An Tiomnadh Nuadh (The New Testament)

    A new Scottish Gaelic translation of The New Testament in modern everyday language.


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  • Am Bìobull Naomh: An Seann-tiomnadh is an Tiomnadh Nuadh

    Together in the same book, this is a republication of the Bible which was published by the SSPCK in 1902 and of the 1860 book of the Apocrypha of the Rev. Alexander MacGregor.


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  • Nas Gile na Sneachd

    Cairistìona Stone

    The year is 1905 and Eilidh is growing up in a community where Christianity is of huge importance. Events – good and bad – move her to think deeply about her life.


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  • A Gaelic Gospel – Beatha Iosa Chriosd

    Tony Dilworth

    ‘A Gaelic Gospel will give great pleasure to everyone who values the part which faith has in Gaelic culture’. Donald Smith



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  • Island Conversion

    Myles & Margaret Campbell

    The story told by Myles and Margaret Campbell in this book is inextricably linked to their island upbringing and cultural background. It is a very personal story, which honestly seeks to understand and interpret the events they have experienced.


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  • Os Cionn Gleadhraich nan Sràidean

    Donald E. Meek (Editor)

    A selection of the Gaelic writings of the Very Rev. Thomas Murchison, a minister at Glenelg and Govan. A fascinating collection which gives an insight into his life as a theologian and preacher, as a Gaelic scholar and broadcaster.


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  • Raointean Cnuasachaidh

    Coinneach Mac a' Ghobhainn

    The third and most recent collection of hymns and spiritual poetry by Kenneth J. Smith.


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  • Cuimhneachan air na Miseanan chun nan Eilean

    Clement MacMànuis

    Diary of Fr. Conn Ó Mongáin. Translated from English to Gaelic by Agnes Stewart, Benbecula.


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  • Measg Sguaban Bhoais

    Cairstiona Chaimbeul

    A lovely collection of hymns and spiritual poetry by Christina Campbell. There are also poems by Catherine, Isobel and Jessie Campbell of Lewis.


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Showing all 10 results