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  • Rotal

    Maggie Smith (Editor)

    Accounts of fishing in the Outer Hebrides.


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  • The Changing Outer Hebrides

    Frank Rennie

    “This is a remarkable and intimate portrait of Galson crofting township in all its varied aspects, but encompassing not just the whole island of Lewis, but the Hebrides, the Highlands, and indeed beyond.”


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  • Reading the Gaelic Landscape

    John Murray

    Reading the Gaelic Landscape is essential for those interested in the Scottish Highlands and its ancient, living language.


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  • Literature of the Gaelic Landscape – Song, Poem and Tale

    John Murray

    Following on from the best-selling Reading the Gaelic Landscape, this new titles allows you to discover where songs, poems and stories were set in the landscape of the Scottish Highlands.


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  • Craobhan

    C.M. & L. Storey & C. Dillon

    A variety of trees are described in detail, with each account accompanied by a full-page illustration of the tree and numerous smaller drawings of leaves, branches, products made from the tree etc.


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  • Gaelic Names of Plants, Fungi & Animals

    Ellen I. Garvie

    Gaelic names with English and scientific equivalents, mainly compiled from published literature.


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  • Gaelic Names of Plants

    Joan W. Clark & I MacDonald

    A comprehensive list of Gaelic names of plants, provided alongside English and Latin names.


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  • Reul-Eolas

    Pàdraig Moore

    A book of astronomy in Gaelic.


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  • Fluraichean

    NicIlleathain, M & Dillon, C

    There is a short description to be found in this booklet on about 50 or so flowers that grow in Scotland.


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Showing all 9 results