Literary Criticism

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  • The Highest Apple

    W. McLeod & M. Newton (Eds)

    An Anthology of Scottish Gaelic literature. Edited by Wilson McLeod and Michael Newton.


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  • Tradition, Transmission, Transformation

    Virginia Blankenhorn

    This book will help both scholars and general readers grasp the magnitude of change as it has transformed an important aspect of Scottish Gaelic culture.


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  • Irish Pages – Vol. 5 No. 2

    Chris Agee (Editor)

    Irish Pages is a Belfast journal combining Irish, European and international perspectives. It seeks to create a novel literary space in the North adequate to the unfolding cultural potential of the new political dispensation


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  • Iasad Rann / A Borrowing of Verses

    W. Gillies & D. Meek (Eds)

    John Maclean was not only an outstanding scholar, he was also a fine poet, whose output embraced original Gaelic verse and a large body of translations from Latin and Greek, and also English, as well as compositions in these languages.


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  • Laoidhean Spioradail Dhùghaill Bhochanain

    Donald E. Meek (Editor)

    In this edition, Donald Meek looks closely at Dugald Buchanan’s poetry and its historical context.


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  • An Introduction to Gaelic Fiction

    Moray Watson

    The first guide to Gaelic fiction – covering the full expanse of the canon up to 2011.


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  • Lainnir a’ Bhùirn – The Gleaming Water

    Emma Dymock & Wilson McLeod

    The twelve essays in this volume show the depth and richness of Gaelic literature in the twentieth century and beyond.


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  • The Poetry of Sorley MacLean

    Emma Dymock

    This Scotnote is ideal for senior school pupils and students of all ages as a general introduction or as a starting point for more in-depth study.


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  • An Cuilithionn 1939 / The Cuillin 1939 & Unpublished Poems

    Christopher Whyte (Editor)

    The work of Somhairle MacGill-Eain, the greatest Gaelic poet of the twentieth century, has a significance which echoes far beyond the confines of his time, his country and his language


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  • Mairghread nighean Lachlainn, song-maker of Mull

    Colm Ó Baoill (Editor)

    This edition contains the eleven existing songs by Mairghread nighean Lachlainn, all in highly formal praise of the MacLean or Duart family or their close kinsmen.


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  • Aiste 2

    Michel Byrne (Editor) et al.

    Includes a recently discovered critical essay by Somhairle MacGill-Eain ‘Five Gaelic poems – regional, national or European?’ Also work by Emma Dymock, Kate Louise Mathis, Thomas Clancy and Ronald Black.


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  • Ris a’ Bhruthaich

    Sorley MacLean

    The criticism and prose writings of Sorley Maclean.


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