Ceilidh Fàilteachaidh on Talamh Ùr

Bennett, Margaret


A Newfoundland Homecoming Ceilidh

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ISBN: 000000013994

Publication date: 25 August 2009

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Newfounlanders' Homecoming Ceilidh, 2009

The playlist draws from fieldwork recordings made in Newfoundland between 1968 and 2007 and new recordings by three generations of the family - all direct descendents of the first settlers.

This was part of Homecoming Scotland 2009 when the first ever group of Scottish Newfoundlanders went on a cultural tour of 'the Old Country'.

1. MacArthur's Island (Comp. Gordon Cormier)
2. 'Illean Bithibh Sunndach (Lads, be happy on the Voyage) Trad.
3. Ocean Blue (Comp. Loretta Johnson & Gordon Cormier)
4. Trip to Mabou Ridge & High Road to Linton. Trad.
5. Fear a' Bhàta (The Boat Man) Trad.
6. In It (comp. Don Brownrigg)
7. Calvin's Mandolin set. Trad.
8. Out of My Mind (Comp. Vanessa MacArthur)
9. A Mhàiri Dhubh (Dark Haired Mary) Trad.
10. Pat Murphy's Meadow (Comp. J.M. Devine & P. McNulty)
11. King George IV (strathspey), Muilleann Dubh (reel) Trad.
12. Saturday Night Ceilidh (Comp. Gordon Cormier)
13. Bha Mi 'n Raoir ag Òl (Trad.)
14. Cock of the North Pipe set. Trad.


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