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Gaelic-English Learner’s Dictionary containing many new words and phrases relating to modern life.

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ISBN: 9781904737582

Publisher: Lexus Ltd

Publication date: 05 October 2021

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Lexus Ltd, 2021. 416 pages. Paperback.

Gaelic GOLD Decoder Gaelic-English Learner’s Dictionary complements the popular English-Gaelic dictionary Gaelic GOLD. The Gaelic GOLD Gaelic-English Decoder is designed for the native speaker of English who is setting out to understand Scottish Gaelic. There are over 13,000 headwords and phrases, many of which relate to modern life, such as Biùro Comhairleachaidh a’ Phobaill (Citizens Advice Bureau), camara astar coitcheann (average speed camera) or Fo-Rùnaire na Stàite airson Alba (the Undersecretary of State for Scotland).

Here are some examples of phrases which appear in the Gaelic GOLD Gaelic-English Decoder:

  • far a bheil an A9 a’ tachairt ris an A95 ~ where the A9 meets the A95
  • gnè ùr de Chovid ~ a new strain of Covid
  • chan fhaigh am bhana-campachaidh seachad ~ the camper van won’t get past
  • mar a tha sin a’ toirt buaidh air seirbheisean aiseig ~ how this is affecting ferry services
  • o nochd iolairean-mara san sgìre ~ since sea eagles appeared in the area
  • heileacoptair san iomairt chobhair ~ helicopter in rescue bid

Scottish Gaelic is rich in variety. Sourced from a wide range of Gaelic as found in current use, the text of the Gaelic GOLD decoder includes varieties found not only in spelling variants, varying plural forms and varying pronunciations but also in vocabulary and idiom. There are over 5,000 examples of Gaelic in context and a clear pronunciation guide for headwords.

Included is special treatment for prepositional pronouns and for compound verbs.

The two-colour text gives a clear, user-friendly presentation for the learner of Scottish Gaelic.


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