Rona agus MacCodruim (2na leabhar)

Jason Bond


Tha an nobhail àlainn seo ag innse sgeulachd chianal an iasgair MacCodruim agus a leannan Ròn.

ISBN: 2791 Seòrsa:

ISBN: 9789490824549

Foillsichear: Arcos Publishers

Ceann-latha foillseachaidh: 21 Dùbhlachd 2020

Ri fhaighinn


Arcos Publishing, 2020. 63 duilleag.

Nobhail ghoirid do luchd-ionnsachaidh.

Tha an nobhail àlainn seo ag innse sgeulachd chianal an iasgair MacCodruim agus a leannan Ròna. Bidh MacCodruim a’ fuireach beatha aonaranach mar iasgair ann an Alba a tha a’ tighinn gu crìch nuair a choinnicheas e ri Ròna. Ged a tha i rug beag neònach, tha e a’ tuiteam ann an gaoil sa bhad agus tòisichidh iad teaghlach còmhla. Tha MacCodruim cho sona ri bròg, ach tha rudeigin ceàrr air Ròna. Am faigh e a-mach cò a th’ innte? An ionnsaich Ròna an rùn-dìomhair aig MacCodruim a dh’fhaodadh an sgaradh bho chèile?

“A brilliant first read in Gaelic. Ròna is a perfect blend of the easily accessible and the slightly more advanced, such that the reader is borne along to greater comprehension almost without realizing it. It’s also a fine read. Highest recommendation!”

2 reviews for Rona agus MacCodruim (2na leabhar)

  1. Michael

    A great book for beginners. A simple text in big characters of the traditional ” selkie ” story. Words and expressions are repeated to allow them to ” sink ” into the memory, but somehow without the story seeming repetitive !
    There are as embellishments a few black and white pictures.
    There are explanatory notes at the bottom of the pages of the more difficult expressions, with translations.
    Also at the back an extensive glossary including ALL*** the words, even the simplest grammatical words in all their forms.
    Well worth getting, even for the ” not quite starting / intermediary level reader.
    >>> ALL*** ( apart from 4 that I noted missing: beachd ( idea / opinion ), ma ( if), teaghlach ( family ) and ” tha fios agam ” ( I have knowledge / I know ).
    >>> I went through the process of ” ignoring ” my Gaelic, and taking the arduous role of checking every word in the glossary, then letting the author and the publisher know about them, for improvements in a potential new edition.

  2. John docherty

    Halo cimar a thu. Well This is a great book for the learner as I am a learner myself. It has helped me a lot Instead of reading it once and understanding the words are repeated over time for memory learning.

    I also got the course he has beginners also there are intermediate courses.
    In the course you learn with 4 to 5 videos and then you have a story to read to learn from the 5 videos.
    There are a lot to learn to learn from the course. Lots of learning.


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