Constabal Murdo 2: Murdo ann am Marseille

Angus Peter Campbell


Although Constable Murdo has retired, and he and his female friend are happily passing the time watching ‘A Place in the Sun’, he is still invaluable at a time of crisis.

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ISBN: 9781910022733

Publisher: Luath Press

Publication date: 29 April 2022

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Luath Press, 2021. 165 pages. Paperback.

Despite Brexit, weekly shellfish stocks are leaving the islands for Europe, and being replaced by more unsavoury goods. Who is the Big Boss and who are the minions working for him? Murdo may not be the most educated of characters, but he has a generic wisdom that can distinguish a sheep from a goat, so who better to go in search of the truth?

A delightful contemporary story that takes the reader from Mallaig to Marseille.

Penetrating, hilarious, challenging and inviting. Why don’t you join him on this dangerous adventure across Europe to the chips and ice-cream van beside the A9?

Where you will receive, at the very least, one Cornetto…


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