Taingeil Toilichte

Norma Nicleòid


The follow up to the highly acclaimed Dileas Donn.
This second instalment of MacLeod’s trilogy is set twenty years after the end of Dìleas Donn.

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ISBN: 9781900901369

Publisher: Acair

Publication date: 20 November 2008

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CLÀR, 2008. 182 pages. Paperback.

This second instalment of MacLeod's trilogy is set twenty years after the end of Dìleas Donn, and begins with the family travelling to Aberdeen for Melanie's graduation ceremony. After leaving university, she begins her research into the role of religion on the Isle of Lewis as part of her PhD in Psychology - a task that she finds uncovers just as many questions as answers.

The other books in the trilogy are Dileas and Suthainn Sìor.

"It was already clear in 'Dileas Donn' that MacLeod writes well, and this is confirmed in 'Taingeil Toilichte'...she has perhaps the best ear for natural-sounding dialogue of any current fiction writer in Gaelic."
Moray Watson

Reading Level: Intermediate/Upper Intermediate (Suitable for readers who are looking to progress to full-length novels).


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