Fraochan is Peasan

Sreath na sgoile


Gairm, 1969.

Dealbhan le Cailean Spencer.

ISBN: 9780901771100 Seòrsa:

ISBN: 9780901771100

Foillsichear: Gairm Publications

Ceann-latha foillseachaidh: 24 Gearran 1999

Ri fhaighinn


Gairm, 1969.

Dealbhan le Cailean Spencer.

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  1. Beurla


    One short sentence of a few basic words on each page of the ” lesson one; the boy is big, the girt is small, the dog is under the table, the cat is on the chair ” sort in a language manual.
    Suitable only for ABSOLUTE beginners whether a child or adult.
    Too little text to be of much use to anyone having any Gaelic, even basic Gaelic; for them, other children’s books would be more appropriate.
    Simple black and white illustrations demonstrating the sentence on each page. Charming in its own way.
    Not much to it, but then again very cheap price.

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