Book launch: Mo Shearmon / What I Have to Say

21 June 2023 7:00 pm

Christopher Whyte’s new poetry collection, Mo Shearmon / What I Have to Say, will be launched at the Gaelic Books Council shop during Independent Bookshop Week 2023!

Christopher Whyte is an acclaimed writer, poet and translator, working in both Scottish Gaelic and English. His newest collection is published by Francis Boutle Publishers.

The multi-faceted poem ‘Mo Shearmon’ encompasses many subjects and symbols, reflecting what the poet has to say, and how he says it. It is a playful, unconventional, mischievous poem, never allowing the reader to know what comes next.

Also included in this collection are poems that move the reader, representing different places and people, friends and enemies together, through a European viewpoint that comes naturally to Christopher Whyte’s work.

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