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The Gaelic Literature Awards 2021: The Winners

The Gaelic Literature Awards 2021: The Winners

Posted on 22 September 2021 in Latest News

The Gaelic Literature Awards 2021 were held with a digital event, live streamed on YouTube on 16th September 2021. Catch-up on the event here.

Best Book for Children/Young People
Òran mo Sheanar, Catriona Lexy Campbell (Acair)

The Derick Thomson Prize for Best Poetry Book (sponsored by The Scottish Poetry Library)
100 Dàn as Fheàrr Leinn / 100 Favourite Gaelic Poems, ed. Peter Mackay & Jo MacDonald (Luath Press)

The Highland Society of London Prize for Best Fiction Book
Fon Choill, Calum L. MacLeod (CLÀR)

The Donald Meek Award for Best Non-fiction Book
Dràma na Gàidhlig: Ceud Bliadhna air an Àrd-ùrlar / A Century of Gaelic Drama, ed. Michelle Macleod (Association for Scottish Literary Studies)

Highly commended
Eachdraidh le Càirdeas is Cridhe: Ainmean-àite Ceann a Tuath Leòdhais / History with Heart and Soul: The Place-names of North Lewis, Comunn Eachdraidh Nis & Dr Rachel Barrowman (Acair)

Best Unpublished Manuscript for Children/Young People (in association with Acair)
Curstag a’ Chearc Ruadh, Liam Alasdair Crouse

Best Unpublished Manuscript for Adults
A’ Ruith Eadar Dà Dhràgon, Martin MacIntyre

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Letter to Glasgow 2021

Letter to Glasgow 2021

Posted on 30 August 2021 in Latest News

As the global focus on the climate crisis arrives in Glasgow this year, Glasgow Life and the Gaelic Books Council are inviting you to write a letter (if you’re 18 or over) or create a shopping list (if you’re under 18) about the environmental emergency.

Letter to Glasgow (in the age of COP 26) welcomes your creative writing or shopping list for this annual competition. Your letter could be addressed to the leaders of the world, the cars on the roads, the bees on the clover, the hills overlooking the city or your lovely bicycle.  Speak to David Attenborough or even Greta Thunberg in a realistic, fictional, futuristic, utopian or dystopian style, you choose.

Deadline: 30 September 2021

Prize for under 18s:  GBC book tokens to the value of £50 & a voucher for x 2 tickets to a family friendly Celtic Connections concert in 2022

Prize for 18+: £500 prize and publication in the magazine STEALL

Terms and Conditions

  1. The competition is being organised by Glasgow Life and The Gaelic Books Council.
  2. The two competition categories are open to a) young people under the age of 18 and b) adults aged 18 or above.
  3. Only one entry is allowed per person.
  4. All entries should be in Scottish Gaelic. The judges will be looking for the best ideas, and entrants will not be penalised for errors in spelling or grammar. The winning entry may be edited before publication.
  5. For the adult competition entries should be no longer than 500 words.
  6. Entries should be submitted as an email attachment in Word format. The covering email should include the writer’s name, address and telephone number, but the file attachment containing the letter itself should not include the writer’s name or any other identifying information, as entries will be judged anonymously.
  7. For the young people’s competition entries should be around 100 words, in the form of a list of ideas or requests.
  8. Entries should be sent to by 30 September 2021. Entries received after that date will not be considered.
  9. The winning entry will be decided by a panel of 3 connected to both organisations.
  10. The winners will agree to their work being published on-line and for any future live projects, agreed by all parties. The copyright remains with the author.
  11. The winner of the young people’s competition will receive a voucher for two tickets to a family friendly Celtic Connections concert in 2022 and book vouchers to the value of £50.The winner of the adult competition will receive a prize of £500 and the work will be published in STEALL magazine.
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#MacThòmais100 – Derick Thomson (1921-2012)

#MacThòmais100 – Derick Thomson (1921-2012)

Posted on 30 August 2021 in Latest News

Derick Thomson (c) Mac TV / BBC ALBA

Derick Thomson was the first Chair of the Gaelic Books Council and was a renowned poet and scholar. In 2021 we are celebrating the centenary of his birth.

If you love Thomson’s poetry, get in touch and tell us which is your favourite piece. You could record a video of yourself reading it, or just send us a message telling us the title of the poem and why you like it.

Did you know Derick? Tell us something you remember about him – as a writer, as a teacher, as a friend.

You can contact us in various ways.

  • use #MacThòmais100 on social media
  • email us 
  • write to us at The Gaelic Books Council, 32 Mansfield Street, Glasgow G11 5QP

We will read all your responses and compile a list of Derick Thomson’s best-loved poems. Thank you for helping us to celebrate his legacy.

Read Derick Thomson’s poetry:


Creachadh na Clàrsaich – Plundering the Harp

Smeur an Dòchais / Bramble of Hope

Meall Garbh – The Rugged Mountain

Sùil air Fàire | Surveying the Horizon


[Derick Thomson © photo – Mac TV / BBC ALBA]